Swiss community

We are a small country (12 times smaller than Metropolitan France or Spain for example) so the number of events is very good! We organised one WordCamp per year since 2014! (except during the 2 years of the pandemic).

Our WordCamps are always organised and attended by people from the whole country and are in fact always WordCamp Switzerland, despite the city name from 2016 to 2022!

We thrive working all together, across the linguistic regions and all together as a vibrant community. We are also very well supported by local sponsors, such as agencies, hosting companies and other WordPress related companies.

You can see a list of meetup groups on the dedicated page.

Past WordCamps

List of all WordCamps organised by the Swiss community over the years.

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We had visitors from abroad who loved to attend WordCamp Switzerland! And we loved to have them!

Remkus de Vries

Remkus attended WordCamp Switzerland 2014, WordCamp Lausanne 2018 and spoke at WordCamp Switzerland 2023

“I’ve been to various WordCamps in Switzerland over the years, and I’ve always tremendously enjoyed interacting with the Swiss WordPress Community, as well as enjoyed their events themselves.”

Remkus de Vries
Created and lead WCEU in 2013
Community, Polyglots, and Support.

Matt Cromwell

Matt attended and participated in a panel at WordCamp Switzerland 2023

“I was so impressed with WordCamp Switzerland 2023. Excellent WordCamps are a mix of good sponsors, great talks, lots of space to mingle, and good accommodations. The organizers at WordCamp Switzerland pulled all of that off beautifully.”

Matt Cromwell
Documentation, Meta, Support, and Training

Milan Ivanović

Milan attended WordCamp Switzerland 2014 and volunteered at WordCamp Switzerland 2023

I fell in love with the Swiss WordPress community in 2014 when they put up one of the most enjoyable events I attended; 2023 was no different. The Swiss community will put together a great WordCamp Europe!

Milan Ivanović
WCEU 2016 and 2017 co-organiser
WCEU 2018 local lead and WCEU 2019 Global lead
Community, Photos, Polyglots, and Training

Anne-Mieke Bovelett

Anne-Mieke attended WordCamp Switzerland 2023

Attending WordCamp Switzerland in 2023 was a wonderful experience. It was well organized and a well thought through welcoming experience!
I look forward to next year!

Anne-Mieke Bovelett
WCEU 2022, 2023 and 2024 co-organiser
Community and Polyglots

JB Audras

JB attended and spoke at WordCamp Genève 2002, and attended and ran the Contributor Day at WordCamp Switzerland 2023

Congratulations to the Swiss community which organizes events every year, and know how to welcomes us warmly! The Swiss WordCamps are perfectly organized, and it’s always a pleasure to meet them all, and to enjoy Switzerland and these unforgettable WordCamps!

JB Audras
Accessibility, Core, Documentation, Meta, Polyglots, and Test.

George Mamadashvili

George attended WordCamp Switzerland 2023

Loved place and the venue. It was very well organized and everyone was super friendly. I also enjoyed that there were talks in English, you rarely see them on local WordCamps

George Mamadashvili
Block Editor, Core


All pictures are shared under Creative Commons license 4.0

Links to complete galleries: WordCamps Switzerland 2023, Genève 2022, Zurich 2019, Lausanne 2018, Bern 2017, Geneva 2016